How can I help?

Any Questions please call: 330-871-9282

Items Needed

Volunteer Opportunities


Squeeze Jelly


Peanut Butter

Canned Fruit

Canned Vegetables




Mac n Cheese

Spaghetti Sauce

Pasta Noodles


Salad Dressings

Sloppy Joe/Manwich

Cake/Brownie Mixes

Pop Tarts


Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Tooth Brushes

Tooth Paste


Feminine Products



Body Wash

Ladies and Men's Razors

Shaving Cream


*Financial Donations can be made out to The Summit Church.

*We are in need of a larger more permanent location.  We are currently transporting food back and forth via pick up truck from the church to Shale Brewery and back.

 *We are looking for a box truck with a lift gate in order to transport our food.

All Donated items can be dropped off at the Summit Church during Sunday services (10-11:30AM), Every Tuesday (6-10AM), or every 2nd and 4th Monday (9 to 11:30AM 0r 5 to 8PM).

Monday Morning

1. Every Monday at 8AM we pick up a load of food from the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank.  We could use people who could consistently help with picking up (transporting 2,000 lbs of food) or picking (selecting items from the free market).  We are usually back to North Canton by 9AM to unload.

2.  Every 2nd and 4th Monday morning we need to set up all the food for the evening's pantry.  We begin at 9AM and usually finish around 11:30AM.  Food must be staged, organized, laid out, and fresh produce must be sorted and washed.

Monday Evening

Every 2nd and 4th Monday evening we hand out food.  We need men, women, and families to help work personally with the guests and restock our pantry items.  Volunteers arrive between 5:15 and 5:30PM.  Pantry is finished at 8PM and then we pack up and return all overstock to our Shale Brewery Storage.  We are usually finished around 8:30PM.

Tuesday Mornings

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday morning at 8:30AM we go to the Shale Brewery Storage and put our overstock back on the shelves.  Restocking takes a couple of hours.

Friday Mornings

Every 1st and 3rd Friday mornings we go to the Shale Brewery Storage at 8:30AM and stage all of our items for the coming Monday's Pantry.  Staging takes a couple of hours.